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5 Frustrating Washer and Dryer Issues

Monday. It’s the start of the workweek and also your day for doing laundry. After clocking in and out, you come home and are ready to do laundry for you, your spouse and your two small children. Once you drag the overflowing clothes hamper to the laundry room and load your clothes into the washer, the cycle runs and you walk away, failing to realize that the water flowing into the utility sink is rising higher and higher.

To your horror, you return and see that your tiled floor is the bottom of a small soapy sea. Sloshing through the water, you wonder, “Who can show up quickly and fix my washer?”

The answer is Atlas Appliance Repairs. We are the premier Whirlpool appliance repair service in South Jersey. We provide timely emergency service and solutions to all of your washer and dryer dilemmas. Here are answers to five common questions that customers have about their frustrating laundry appliance issues.

Why isn’t my dryer heating?

A dryer that lacks heat is useless and can be dangerous. An open thermal fuse in your dryer can be a sign of a potential fire hazard. For electric dryers, the culprit can be a blown circuit breaker fuse or a broken heating element. In their gas counterparts, the causes can be attributed to no gas supply or a broken ignitor.

Why is the water from my washer overflowing the tub?

As mentioned above, an overflowing washer can create a frightful sight. Three common causes of this issue can involve a defective water inlet valve, a failing water level pressure switch and low water pressure from the house supply.

Why is my dryer making so much noise?

Thud. Rumble. Thump.

Your dryer has gotten louder and louder over the past few weeks, causing you to worry that it might explode. This alarming cacophony can be produced by a frayed or damaged drive belt, a worn-out drum roller or a wobbling drum roller axle.

Why is my washer cycle not advancing?

Your washer is stuck mid-cycle, leaving your clothes soaking wet. You have no choice but to contact your trusted repair service. To fix this issue, we might have to replace the washer lid switch, door lock assembly, main electronic board, timer, drain pump, shifter assembly or motor control board.

Why aren’t my washer and dryer starting?

After bringing all of your dirty clothes to the laundry room, you are disappointed to find out that won’t have clean clothes. A washer or dryer that doesn’t start is useless. The first thing is to check is if the appliances are plugged in and if any fuses have blown in the circuit breaker panel. The washer’s inability to start can be attributed to defective user control, display board, timer or line fuse. For the dryer, there can be problems with the start switch, door switch and thermal fuse.

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