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4 Stressful Appliance Emergencies

Having an appliance emergency can be a hassle. You come home from a stressful day of work and just want to relax, but are instead met with an unnecessary predicament. Emergencies are unwelcome, but still force their way into your life without warning or permission.

Realizing your appliance issue will soon intensify and not stop on its own, you frantically think of ways to remedy the problem, but do not possess the skillset to properly address the issue. As you start searching the internet for solutions, you realize that your problem has caused damage to your home.

Instead of wasting time failing to fix the problem, you should just call Atlas Appliance Repairs, who provides timely emergency appliance repair in the Philadelphia region. Our technicians quickly address your dire situation and limit the damage caused by your appliance. We can fix a multitude of problems from various brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, General Electric, Caloric, Viking, KitchenAid, Maytag, Frigidaire, Magic Chef, Samsung and more.

You may be wondering what constitutes an appliance emergency. You should call us anytime you need an appliance repair, but there are some issues that require immediate attention from professional technicians.

Refrigerator Stops Running

Your refrigerator has stopped running. No, you shouldn’t catch it; this isn’t a prank call joke. A refrigerator that stops running could cause all of your food to spoil, causing an unpleasant smell and dent in your bank account. This power issue should be addressed as quickly as possible to save you money and help you avoid a costly grocery shopping trip.

Washer Flooding

Water pouring out of your washer can be a scary sight. This can be caused by overloading your washing machine or having leaky intake hoses. If this happens, you should first turn off the water supply at the valve — if you own one — and then call us. These two steps will help minimize your water damage.

Overheating Dryer

Running the dryer and realizing that it is emitting much more heat than usual can be troubling. This can lead to a bigger problem such as a dryer fire, making it imperative that you call us right away. We can fix it whether it is an issue with the heating assembly, air flow, cycling thermostat, etc.

Leaking Dishwasher

A leaking dishwasher can ruin the flooring and cabinets in your kitchen and cause odors and mildew. This problem can be attributed to pump seals, door gaskets and water valves. We can save you from having more repairs done in your kitchen.

Don’t let your emergency turn into a disaster; choose us. We provide quality and affordable emergency appliance repair in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area. For more information on our services, please call 1-215-335-33961-215-335-3396 or visit our website.