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Common Refrigerator Problems

The countdown has begun. There are five minutes until the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Venturing to the kitchen to grab a beverage from the refrigerator, you also have a craving for ice cream. You open the freezer door and realize the cool blast of air that you should feel is nowhere to be found. Popping off the lid to the ice cream, your worst fears are confirmed: Your ice cream is a chocolate peanut butter lake.

A faulty refrigerator can be a burden, and there can be many different reasons for why it isn’t working. There could be various problems at the root of your refrigerator troubles, but luckily, Atlas Appliance Repairs, the premier appliance repair company in Camden County, NJ and the surrounding areas, can fix your necessary appliances both safely and efficiently.

A refrigerator problem can spoil your food and make you sick with the growth of bacteria. Some of the common culprits of your refrigerator woes are listed below.

  • Leaking – A leaky refrigerator can ruin your kitchen floor and the appliance itself. The root of the problem could be the tubing that carries the water to the refrigerator water dispenser. The tubing could also be clogged or the drain pan could be cracked.
  • Ice buildup – The buildup of ice in your freezer could be caused by many different things. A faulty door gasket can prevent your freezer door from closing properly. There could also be an air circulation issue or a faulty defrost timer.
  • Constantly running – A continually running refrigerator can increase your energy bill. Dirty condenser coils or frosted over evaporator coils could make your refrigerator over compensate. A faulty door gasket could trick your refrigerator into thinking that you want it constantly open.
  • Noisy – Noisy refrigerators can disrupt your peace. The condenser fan motor or the evaporator fan motor could be to blame.

Atlas Appliance Repairs has been a family-owned business for over 35 years and will tackle your appliance problems no matter how big or small the issue. Its award-winning staff keeps a fully-stocked truck to ensure a timely repair and is always available with their convenient 24/7 service.

Need more than just your refrigerator fixed? Atlas Appliance Repairs can also repair washers, dryers, stoves, garbage disposals and ovens. Experienced in fixing popular brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, General Electric and Caloric, the company can help you with whatever you need to be fixed.

Don’t settle for melted ice cream, trust Atlas Appliance Repairs to solve your appliance problems. If you need refrigerator repair in Gloucester County, NJ, South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area, make sure to give Atlas Appliance Repairs a call at 1-215-335-33961-215-335-3396 or set up an appointment online at for a free estimate.