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5 Appliances That Can Save Your Spring

With the Spring and Summer comes hot air.  But not with us. When it comes to the experts at Atlas Appliance Repairs, honesty is of the utmost importance.

As the cold dissipates, so should your friends’ excuses for staying home.  Time to get out and see those friends you haven’t seen since college. House parties. Family dinners. BBQs.

There’s only one problem.

Your ______ is broken.

Below, I will fill in the blank to illustrate the five appliances that can save your Spring:

  1. Refrigerator – Ice-cold beer. Sweet, syrupy soda. Bottled glacier water. Keeping your fridge stocked with food and beverages for your next gathering will make your friends remember why they hung out with you in the first place.
  2. Freezer – Ice, ice, baby. These frozen cubes keep your drinks cold and your cooler snacks fresh. The freezer is also home to the frozen burger, adult cocktails, and every kind of ice cream you can imagine.
  3. Dishwasher – When the dust settles, you will notice a sink full of dirty dishes. Stacked on top of dirty glasses. Stacked on top of dirty bowls. Stacked on top of more dirty dishes. Although hand-washing is always an option, having a functional dishwasher will make your clean-up a whole heck of a lot easier.
  4. Washing Machine – So many outfits, so little time. Whether you plan on dressing casual, or want to grab your favorite spring attire, you have to wash it first. Nobody likes a stinky chef. The host with the most can quickly become the skunk with the funk when neglecting to clean your festive wardrobe.
  5. Ranges/Stoves – You’ve been waiting all winter for this. Grandma’s top secret, world-famous casserole. Your trademark buffalo chicken dip. Grilled cheese for the kids table. It all comes down to this moment.

Don’t panic! Atlas Appliance Repairs is here to help. Our expert staff will personally make sure all of the above appliances are in working order with enough money leftover for pretzels and trail mix. If you want to view all of our services, please go to or call us today at 1-215-335-33961-215-335-3396.