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Appliance Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s a hypothetical: Your refrigerator is broken and you need to replace it immediately. Our condolences. Anyway, such is life, so you get in your car and head down to the local hardware store to do some shopping.

“Wait a second, there must be a mistake! These can’t be the correct prices… That’s way too expensive” you say. You laugh off the hardware store’s mistake and head back to check out the appliance market online. Surely prices will be a different story there, right?

Sorry to be the bearer of news, but there’s no way around it. Appliances are pretty expensive. However, do you know what isn’t as expensive as buying a new one? Repairing it. And, if your refrigerator breaks, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to do so for you. So, give us a call in the event of an appliance malfunction before you go running to buy something brand new, and we’ll assess the situation first.

Also, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind to help extend the lives of your appliances:

Washer and Dryer

Do: Clean your lint screens often (this is just as important for preventing a fire as it is extending its life).

Don’t: Put too many clothes in the washing machine at once.

Do: Wipe away spilled detergents and chemicals frequently.

Don’t: Ignore water hoses until it’s too late. And you know exactly what we mean by “too late.” However, if you do wait until it’s too late, don’t hesitate to call us.


Do: Scrub regularly. Put some gusto into it, too!

Don’t: Not to foil your plans, but don’t foil your oven. It’ll lessen its life.

Do: Get it serviced every so often. We’ll help you with that.

Don’t: Use any old outlet. Make sure your oven is surge protected. Otherwise, the digital displays could be damaged by an electrical surge.


Do: Give it a break from time to time. Use paper plates, or hand wash your dirty dishes every once in a while.

Don’t: Put dish soap in it.

Do: Avoid gel soaps altogether. Powder is your best bet.

Don’t: Load it full with food on the dishes. Give them a quick rinse!


Do: Audit it thoroughly once every month and get rid of bad food that’s just taking up real estate.

Don’t: Ignore the coils. Wipe away the dust on them, and elsewhere, every so often.

Do: Set the temperature dials in the middle; about 37 degrees F on the fridge, and 3 degrees F on the freezer.

Don’t: Open the doors unnecessarily. The less you open and close the refrigerator doors, the loner its life expectancy will be.

Bonus (these apply to all of the above appliances).

Do: Consult your owner’s manuals. It’s boring, we know, but it’s smart to have an idea of what the manufacturer thinks you should do to keep those appliances alive and healthy.

Don’t: Ignore professionals. Think of us as the doctors for your appliances. If your kid is hurt or sick, where do you take them right away? The doctor. If your appliances are sick, we’ll be glad to make a house call. Also, did you know that we can give you a complimentary quote over the phone?

Your appliances should last somewhere around 20 years, and following these steps will allow you to get as much life as possible out of them. Remember, even when you do all the right things, your appliances will likely need servicing once or twice in their lifetime. Give us a call when they do, and we’ll.